Shack , Antenna & Location of JG1XLV

updated 2008/5/27

Photo of JG1XLV's latest station setup

I have two 19 inch racks in my shack.
Left rack (EIA type) is for Collins equipment.
Right rack (JIS type) is for HF and V/UHF equipment, HF Linear AMP,
and station controller.

Left Rack:
Collins 75S-1, 32S-1 with Rack Mount(375J-1/2), DDS VFO/ BFO for Collins.

Right Rack
Yaesu FT-1000, JRL-2000FH, TS-790 (144MHz & 430MHz)
Tube Ultra Gain MC-100, AKG D112, Tono Linear AMP( V/UHF)


I've got my station license in 1974.
Before that, I enjoyed BCL & SWL as JA1-18256.
Now, I spend most of my Ham time for maintenance of KWM-2A.

View of my location.
Funabashi city, Chiba (20km east of Tokyo)

My QTH is located between Tokyo and New Tokyo International Airport
(Narita airport)

New antenna for 18MHz, 5 elements Long John Type YAGI up 23m. 
This is home made Antenna designed with MMANA/ MMANA GAL, boom length is 10m

Great thanks to JA2QXY and JA1TGC !

upper Antenna: 7MHz Dipole


photo of my current work bench
(photo at 2009/01/01)

Fantastic Lamp made with EIMAC 4-1000A by JG1XLV